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Data Capture
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Pilot studies, proof of concept, validation work


Pre-processing, Annotation, Algorithm Development


De-risking, Integration, Experiment Design
Cascom specialises in providing professional consulting services for data centric applications. Based Newcastle (dubbed "Science City"), we have worked with numerous clients within tech-industry, clinical trials, professional sports teams and university labs.
  • Data Capture
  • Signal Analysis
  • Prototyping Services
What we do

Reliable dataset capture is the first step to achieving results. Having worked on numerous clinical trials, pilot studies and proof of concept projects, we are able to consult to expert level in this field. In the past we have provided services from full data capture to simply expert advice and protocol review (including ethics applications).

Methods and Tools

At the heart of any data capture is a reliable protocol. We design protocols around a set of user requirements. Having worked in a range of environments including farms, mountains and hospitals, we draw on over 10 years of experience to select the instruments and techniques we use.

The Process

To begin with, we sit down and establish exactly what the objectives are. We feel it often pays to understand the problem being tackled so that expectations can be managed.

What we do

We have a proven track record in sensor signal analysis; both on human and in the animal sciences. We are able to provide analytical and statistical analysis, annotation services, and new method development.

Not all data is equal

Getting good quality data is important for the science. Sometime a data set is captured without the foresight to the end goal. In this scenario we can often use novel techniques to remap, reshape or restructure to enable compatibility.

Gold Standards

To be convincing, you need to be able to demonstrate your results. This often involves comparison against traditional methods while emphasising the benefit of a new approach. We can provide a range of services that help in this process.

What we do

Drawing on over 10 years experience working with sensor technologies we provide expert consultancy services for prototyping. We are able to help identify and de-risk technologies and build proof of concept systems.

What else

No matter if it's a test rig, concept schematic, patent proofing, we get involved with it all (and have done in the past). We have worked with industry, government and academia on a range of interesting projects.

Get in touch

Have an idea to sound out or need some help on first principle concepts. Please get in touch to learn how we might be able to help.